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Tired of cheap knee slidders that dissolve like cotton candy after just half a day of riding?


Looking for a way to drag knee on a motorcycle but haven't got a real leather pants with velcro?


Then these Knee Slidders are for you! 


- Hand Made in Madrid, Spain by motorcycle lovers and enthusists, these slidders are guarenteed to last long and withstand the test of time better than any other brand. Not only that, but they slide as smooth as butter. 


- The thicker build of the slidders enable you to keep the motorcycle more vertical, ideally giving you a bigger contact patch on your tires, thus more grip and a small advantage over any oponent.


- The veclro strap makes for a good adjustability feature and keeps your knee slidder from falling off.


Anyone who has been to Europe knows that a knee slidder of this style and strength is an absolute necessity for any true motorcycle pilot ready to train at an elite level.


*Slider Plastic comes in Either White (As Pictured) or In Black. The Leathersection will remain black on either model*



Heavy Duty Knee Sliders

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